Selling your home in a Reasonable period of time

Newport's Residential Average Days on the market is 100 Days. (Some take less time and some more!) 100 Days to a sale to go 100 days to go! Take 1 off and twiddle your thumbs 99 Days to a sale to go!! There will be no twiddling!! Selling a home within a reasonable timeframe is very challenging.

As a Seller you need to listen to what the market is telling you. If you are receiving no showings or any inquiries the market has spoken and the price is too high. Spending more money on advertising will NOT help sell your home. 80% of successful marketing of a home comes from setting a realistic price.

As a Seller you also need to take a look at your home as a prospective purchaser and assess whether the condition of your home matches what you are asking for it. Assess what amenities your home has compared to homes that have SOLD with the same attributes and take a good look at those properties selling price.

It is not an exact science but with a comprehensive market analysis before you put your home on the market all your efforts in selling should have a solid basis.

If you would like a no obligation, no cost market analysis of your home. Call Deb @ Maine Choice Realty. 207-368-4333