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We are proud to have many talented readers of The Daily ME in many different areas. We felt we would provide "webspace" for such writing talents.

If you are a writer of poetry, short stories, real adventures and such, please submit by email your article and we may include it in this new "FeaturesME" section of The Daily ME.

We will once again be providing news from The Writers Web, a local group of writers that meet weekly to help enhance each others talents. The Daily ME will post their news and works here on the FeaturesME section.

Maine Songwriters Produce New Veteran's Song By: Slim Randles
Home Country: Click here for a complete list.
By: David Robert Crews
The House Fire
Driving Northern Mainer Style
By: Dottie Perkins
Leave the Light on, God
Tuesday's Tears
Distant Drums
Thanksgiving Past
By: Diana Greene
By: Sue Goulette Murray
The Homecoming Saddle
By: Scott Drinkwater
Tribute to Mr. Rogers
By: Carol Swanson
The Evolution of Mr. Eye
September 11th Call to Pray
Most Precious Entity
By: Kimberly Smith
Sweet Dreams
By: Sandy Snide
A Taste of Spring A Farmville Poem
By: Tiffany Lee Craig
"Cowboy Poetry"
By: Diana Kinney
Memorial Tribute to the World Trade Center & Pentagon
By: Debbie Burdin
The Metal Lunch Box
More Recollections
By: Tiffany Gould
A Song of Love and Death
By: Dave Burdin
The Tree
By: Teresa Hamlin
You will always be in our hearts
By: Sandy Blaney
School House Memories
By: Fran Field
Biking in Europe
By: Ronald H. Bryan
Thank You For Giving Glory To God
Kissed by the Flame
Touched by an Angel
Long Journey Home
By: Jennifer J. Craig
Poem in hope of Spring
Force of Change
By: Dave Pearson
Brigadoon or Brink-of-doom?
By: Kacy Crocker
By: Tom Lyford
Babe WHO?
By: Bobbi Raash
What do I miss the most?
The Warrior Poet, Michael
By: Cathy Keating
By: David Robert Crews
Katahdin Lodge 1979
Deb's Real Estate Tips
By: Deb Armstrong
Are you "un-represented" in Real Estate?
Maine Housing Yearly Report 2005
Selling your home in a Reasonable period of time
By: Sue McAvoy
Feeling of being Free
Lifetime Friendship
Love and be Loved
The Beach
In the Night Sky
Rocking Chairs
Peaceful and Free
In the Harbor
The Island Ride
Deaf and Blind
Autumn Splendor
By: Kevin P. Tremblay
2012 Halloween Story: Ascension Accepted
2007 Halloween Story
Bargain Buddy
The Sun's Out-Of-Sight Halloween '03
Halloween Story
Backward Creeping Light
Bio-Mix Tricksters
Black History Month: Museum of Africa In Portland
The Sublime Path
The Old Quarry
Special Delivery
By: Frances Jean Gildersleeve-Beaupre' DHS 1946 Shock and Awe
My Garden of Love
The Maple Tree
Celestial Bells
The Beauty Contest
My Houses
The Empty Chair
My Equestrian Love
By: Betty O'Kay
Autumn's Last Fling
Silent Visitor
Winter's Tears
My Mother
Dad's Castle
Oh Drat, That Cat!
Winter Solstice
My Friend
Nature's Confrontation
Winter Warmth
Sailing With Friends
A Different Gift
I Will
Sunset In The Garden
Disabled Heroes
Farewell Voyage
Friendship Well
New England In Winter
By: Judith Engstrom Edgerly
Ebb & Flow
The Fairy
Life's Waters
Fond Memories
By: Taylor-Jo Cesena
By: Laurie Knight
By: Tony Shaw
In Our Garage
By: Carol Wintle Getchell
A Christmas Story
By: Lorraine Snow
By: Brandy Hobbs
To: My Mom- Lorraine

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