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Shock and awe and Umm Qasar ~ Their uttered phrases soar ~ Are plucked on keys in an ancient Arab land ~ As embedded journalists ply their ~ Laptops to the world. ~ Skies are stroked by artists in a dream. ~ Pink and yellow fountains burst in air. ~ Smoky plumes and pompoms ~ And shimmering stars ~ Rocket through the pinky mist. ~ On cell phones above the fray ~ "Tikrete, Kirkut and Feteyine" ~ Are heard, ~ Sweeping through the wrack and ruin. ~ Below, bloodied sands unseen at night ~ Tell grim tales of heroes fallen, And tribal Shiites in love with Bush ~ Hurl their curses at Saddam ~ And fling their flowers at the throng.

By Frances Jean Gildersleeve-Beaupre' Fall 2003

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