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Feature 14 - October 23, 2001

Memorial Tribute to the World Trade Center & Pentagon

It’s so hard to believe
Even harder to understand.
How terrorists or anyone could
take the lives of our fellow man.

Lives taken in such a way that
Leaves such suffering and pain
At the World Trade Center and Pentagon
By terrorists high-jacking our planes.

On September 11, 2001, you were struck
With unspeakable tragedy.
But we, the United States of America
Depend on and support President Bush’s strategy.

Tonight as we stand
with our candles lit.
Showing our hearts have gone out
To those of you that were hit.

I wish I could wrap
You all in my arms.
To help comfort you and
Keep you from anymore harm.

I can’t get the sight of the
Planes, World Trade Center and Pentagon
Out of my head.
I have a hard time sleeping when I go to bed.

It appears that our lives
Go on every day
But in our hearts we know
Exactly what is on its way.

So many have pulled together
State to State
To try to help out in New York and Washington
Since that fateful date.

I know the heartbreak
That we all feel for you.
And can only imagine
What you are going through.

By: Diana Kinney – Lyman, Maine

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