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My Equestrian Love
I beckon to him and I am saddled
high over my studded love.
Petit pecks and caressing kisses
are pelted on my white neck.
He nuzzles me
as does a new born colt
brousing against it's mare
and just as a young colt nibbles fodder
a soft, ominous tongue touches my pink lobed ear.
A tender tap of a stirrupped foot!
A perfect perception!
And our bodies are saddled together
cantering in an endless rock.
I reward my love
with a sparkling cube of syrruppy sugar and shimmering sweetness
a lusty fodder, only a female could concoct.
Time is in it's equinox.
Diamond studded stars twinkle on a saddle dark sky.
we are equally molded, two into one.

By: Frances Jean Gildersleeve-Beaupre'

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