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I wait for the darkness to walk to the pond,
The stars and the moon are for what I have longed.
The road is black—the gravel crunches under my feet.
The smell of summer is undeniably sweet.
The trees have long limbs that are reaching for me,
Their leaves are singing from the evening breeze.
I walk to the dock and lay myself down.
The smell of summer is all around.

The darkness envelopes me like a hungry shroud,
I look for the stars, but see only clouds.
Leaves are forming an eddy in the road,
my hair is blowing and my lips are cold.
Summer is gone and I know that for sure,
My favorite season has closed a door.

The shovel is heavy and is taking its toll,
This darkness and gloom just cuts through my soul.
Everything I touch is covered with ice,
To feel the warm sun again would be so nice.

The ice is done dripping, the snow melted away.
That cold, bitter season has seen its last day!
I toss out my woolies and put on my sandals.
Break open the wine and light the candles!

The grass is greening and the trees are abud,
Weeds are standing—even through the mud.
The flowers are straining to come from the ground,
The smell of summer is all around.

Diana Greene

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