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Feature 2 - Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Kissed By The Flame

You and I have known our share of pain -- life can be so cruel,
but pain is just one of the teachers, in life's continuing school.
Do not lose your direction, God does not forsake His own.
Be strong, God is always with us. We never walk alone.
Those who suffer the most in life, have the most to gain.
Trials bring us strength, even though each trial brings with it pain.
Do not concentrate on misfortune, always keep your eyes on the goal.
The reason for life's trials, is the advancement of our souls.
Gold is very beautiful, but it is found buried in earth and mire;
it is pulverized, mixed with chemicals, and subjected to the fire.
Not once, not twice, but seven times it is kissed by the flame --
It is a very arduous process, but look at the beauty which is gained.
If gold could talk, it might ask us, "Why do you take me from my home?
Why do you subject me to such cruelty? Why can't you leave me alone?"
Life can be very cruel, at times, not at all what we want or desire --
our bodies and hearts are broken, we're subjected to life's hottest fires.
The reason for our suffering, is to teach us unconditional love,
to purify our spirits, so we may reunite with God above.

by: Ronald H. Bryan

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