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Thank You For Giving Glory To God
I want to thank you for your help the other evening
Its true importance, few in attendance had a clue
The reasons for that are unimportant
But its final outcome this poem will share with you

Because of your attendance the other evening
Angels danced in heaven above
And their joy sent glory to Almighty God
In the throneroom of His love

You may ask how I know this
For I am only a mortal man
But over the course of my lifetime
God had shown me bits and pieces of His plans

He showed me through my first gods
You see, our parents are always that
"Give of yourself so that others have joy"
Is what my first gods always taught

And God has made it knowledge to me
It is the small things which help turn the tide
And joy is much better than happy
For joy is the happiness we keep deep inside

When we give of ourselves to others
We are doing what Jesus came to show
It is His edification of man, which causes the angels to dance
Who in turn, focus the glory to God's throne

So, always give of yourself to others
Until you can see the joy in their eyes
For it is then you can KNOW the joy heaven
Is manifest on high!!!

Ronald H. Bryan

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