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Silent Visitor
While sleeping last night,
unaware of the world awake,
to my homestead
a caller appeared.

Silent and soft,
not to unveil
this secret presence--

My visitor whispered,
with no intent to rouse me.

I slept
with peaceful perception
the glow of the hearth

would bring warmth
to my loved ones
tucked tenderly
beneath down comforters.

It was not until
the bluster of morn
did I realize
my caller had come to tarry.

The first snowfall of Winter
had graced my world.

Although I know
bitter winds shall blow
as Winter abides
its calling,

The quiet white
seems to cleanse
Earth's soul
and purify
this morning.

Author: Betty O'Kay who says This one depicts the feeling of waking to find the first snow of winter has arrived.

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