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Winter's Tears
It snowed today,
yet Winter is shedding tears--
His violent blast of snow and wind
is rage, short-lived with fear.

His icy creations shall be undone,
with warming sunlit skies.
The power he boasts is all but gone
as sadness wells in his eyes.

Springtime is forthcoming,
pursuant upon his heels.
His polar soul now weary
his weakness he reveals.

As Mother Earth warms his frigid soil,
his harsh grey reign must end.
He will forgo, for he is losing his hold
to wane in the fresh lively breath of Spring.

Clinging to life with icy persistence,
he will assert a blustering blast.
But Spring is young, secure with strength
and this battle will be Winter's last.

His chilling soul is growing warm,
and destined to accept this change.
Freezing gusts shan't linger long
Spring is on the way!

Like frosted teardrops upon nature's cheek
silently trickles melting snow.
Once arrogant and callous, now humble and meek--
In his final existence, Winter shall weep.

But Rejoice! For life will spawn anew
to replenish with warmth and cheer.
Radiant daffodils melt iced drops of dew,
as Springtime blossoms from Winter's last tear!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says my interpretation to illustrate the changing seasons of winter to spring.

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