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Dad's Castle
You worked so hard to make our home
a pleasant place to live
I have the fondest recall
of the love you always give.

But, I don't think you realize
all the kind things you have done
for you they come as natural
as the rising of the sun.

Dad I want to tell you
how lucky I have been
you gave me a "magic castle"
to spend my childhood in.

I often return back in time
to warm summer days of my youth
you gave yourself unselfishly
to teach and laugh and soothe.

And when the north wind howled
around our little home
you always kept us safe
in the warmest place I know.

So, in case you didn't know it
I thought that I should say
Thank you for the castle
and your kind and loving ways.

Author: Betty O'Kay who says A tribute to Rudy (my father- June 27, 1917 - August 3, 2003) It was written for Father's Day 1997

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