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Winter Solstice
Wrapped in my Indian blanket, I light a fire
and sit alone to watch the winter go by

Winter solstice... “Where the sun stands still.”

From my frost-swirled window
I see three giggling young maidens
oblivious to the hostile frozen wind.

They stop to catch tumbling snowflakes
upon their tongues.

I feel the chill, and pull my blanket closer to my chest.

Older now, I can no longer run and frolic
I envy the children as they play.

But, at that moment I realize
my trusted friends are always nearby,
and then I smile.

I allow the blanket to slump a bit,
and begin to feel a warm glow
Nightfall settles-darkness unravels.

I hear a tapping against my window pane
A dear friend enters and sits beside me.

We share the blanket and the fire now crackling in merriment.

The December wind heckles my clapboards
although its anger I fear not,
I am protected in my small shanty.

Among my friends I am kept warm and safe,
and we sit together to watch the winter go by!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says This was written for a dear friend of mine - Jeanne Lajoie (April 19, 1939 - October 30, 2001)

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