The Daily Me

My Friend
I came to be near my friend
and share my thoughts today.

She was not home,
but I needed to stay.

So, I sat by her garden
to reflect in the shade.

She once said our souls are mirrored.
I agree, look around.

She has window boxes and ornate little kettles,
each with a task empowered.

Proudly harboring frail communes
of hopeful little flowers.

The lake is rippling quite swiftly today,
perhaps a thunderstorm is on its way.

I watch a cluster of delicate trees,
sway and savor each warm summer breeze,

They are small yet robust, as in the poem she loves--
"Birches" by Robert Frost

I adore this place as much as she.
this friend who concurs with my muse.

Just now, two water-loving birds swooped and soared...
Perhaps they are friends, too.

Author: Betty O'Kay who says This was written for a dear friend of mine - Jeanne Lajoie (April 19, 1939 - October 30, 2001)

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