The Daily Me
Feature 24 - January 09, 2003

The Warrior Poet, Michael
Bobbi Raash
There is a warrior poet and he struggles with his pen
and I know he also struggles with what is his that lies within
Awake at night he fights his battles in a war waged all alone
and he wants the world to know him, so he writes another song

So the poet takes his brain-child along a path less followed now
and he wants all those who hear him to be pure and free some how
He will walk with GOD so often and see goodness in the bad
but he lies awake in confrontation with the conflicts he has had

At times the poet pulls his hair and shakes his head in fear and pain
and he pounds his heart and soul as he feels his guilt and shame
To make up for his defects and the hurt his life has caused
He writes another song for us and takes his heart out for a walk

When the warrior's hand is wielded and the blue eyes turn ice cold
He will want to blame the devil, some other thing not of this world
Then the poet steps aside, leaves the warrior carry on
he remembers what he feels though, and he writes another song

Oh, this man, the warrior poet, though I've called him other names
Called him man-child, angel, sweetheart, its the love that stays the same
Aching head and heart this morning will some how manage, carry on
Every hour of his lifetime fight his battles, write his songs

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