The Daily Me

Why do people turn away
when a soft, kind heart is breaking?
Don't turn your back,
Turn around! A fragile soul needs saving!

We have heard these words that ring so true
"To others do, what you would ask for you,"
and lend a hand to a disheartened friend.
Yet those who abide- are far and few.

It is easy to overlook a barren soul's woe,
for we each have our own fate to command.
So we go our way- believing another will stay-
and leave their "footprints in the sand."

Oh, someone else will come along
to right the wrong
and ease this person's sorrow...

But, that woeful soul could be our own
by this same time tomorrow!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says Just a "heads up" to remind me to take the time to care.

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