The Daily Me

Winter Warmth
My soul was spent,
my pride was gone
You tuned my heartstrings
and sang your sweet song.

You taught me your music
You made me your wife,
But only God knows
How you saved my life!

One small parchment cannot reveal,
How much I need you,
and the way that I feel

I wish for you every happiness to hold,
yet we will shoulder all anguish or sorrow.
Still in love as our steps grow slow,
towards the end of our tomorrows.

We both understand that from God's mighty hand
to one another we were sent.
And I will stay your wife and your friend
till my days have reached an end

And when it is time for me to leave,
to cross the “Golden Tide”
Do not remain in sadness and pain
because I am not there by your side.

Remember my love,
it is part of His plan,
and God will bring us together again!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says Just a "heads up" to remind me to take the time to care.

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