The Daily Me

We will encompass the day
by our "secret sea"
amid the ebb and flow.
Although it's not the sea at all,
but just a tranquil cove.

A place where we can be at peace
to whisper dreams and notions,
and garner treasures more precious
than jeweled trunks beneath the ocean!

Nevertheless we collect our booty
using our hearts, eyes and ears.
We seek no jewels or silver,
we have no pilferage here.

As herons soar and otters play,
the wild geese do scold.
God's nature gives us riches
worth more than just mere gold.

So, I came to sit by our "secret sea"
to think not of my strife
but spend the day in reverie
to ponder and embrace my life.

And await the sun while she descends her perch,
then draw a breath of clean fresh air.
Content with this meek alcove of earth,
I'll cherish my destined sabbatical there!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says This one was written as I watched one of the many beautiful sunsets at Sunset Cove in West Glocester,RI.

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