The Daily Me

I am thinking of you today
as I have through uncountable seasons.

I hold you dear within my heart
our kinship a safeguarding beacon.

The pitch of my path bids me to proceed
pursuing adventures unknown to me.

Friend, I cannot say I'll be by your side-
I may drift to follow my dreams.

Desire to encounter a new horizon
could capture my soul with the very next breeze.

But, I will always be about you...
perhaps the great mountains, vast valley or sea.

A humble tumbling snowflake melting
in the warmth of your wonderful face.

I shall kiss you soft- in falling snow,
you will think of me, and my memory embrace.

Author: Betty O'Kay who says For my friends whom I miss. This one is dedicated to friends who choose different paths-- those we may not see again during our journey through life.

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