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A Different Gift
Do you believe you're completely alone?
Able only to hum that popular song,
while everyone else just sings right along?
Then perhaps, you don't fit that uniform!

If you have something your heart wants to offer
then "give it!" for it comes from your soul.
Don't be afraid if it is somewhat apart
form the dominant direction
of thoughts we've been shown.

It isn't wrong to be unique,
throughout history many masters were.
Being different has its own mystique,
exemption from mirroring "him" or "her!"

Your "different gift" might turn hopeful eyes
toward a new kind of peace that's important--
or may soften someone's misfortune
by giving them strength to keep forging forward!

So friend, sing sportily your own song
If you don't quite fit that crowd.
Your sonnet too, is worth every word,
So Sing it! ...And sing it LOUD!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says encouragement for people who "dare" to be "different."

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