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I Will
And now as we vow
"I Do,"
We caress dreams of promising lives.
We will stand hand in hand with love,
to unite as husband and wife.

As time goes on and we become one,
with God to show us the way,
I pledge to treasure what your love means to me,
each time that I kneel to pray.

I'll embrace the bond through the words we spoke,
while I promise to always love you,
But I want you to know, you are my heart's counterpart
and "I WILL" as well as "I Do."

I WILL honor each of your dreams my love,
for we both pursue the same goals.

I WILL toil beside you to make them come true,
through sunbeams, gales or squalls.

I WILL remember to cherish you should I grow distraught.
I know that you love me, you gave me your heart.

Because of you my life is fulfilled
so, not only "I Do" --but always, "I WILL!"

Author: Betty O'Kay who says This one is dedicated to couples entering the bonds of matrimony.

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