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Friendship Well
Enchanted wealth nestled
Deep in our hearts,
Where priceless composure brims.

A place we can go,
to be back once again,
Through the ages
With cherished old friends.

Reflecting our past
We call to our minds,
an era of simple
yet joyous times...

We would celebrate sunsets,
And forever star gaze.
We chased muted rainbows,
And sun shimmering days.

Now in life, different dreams we seek,
we return to our "friendship well,"
we will dip our ladles, into precious recall
Where only fond memories dwell.

So, even though fate has made us part,
And we travel paths anew,
I wish you joy, I wish you health,
Along with sorrows few,

As our friendship remains within our hearts...
You will know one thing is true,
Wherever you are, and whatever you do...
My prayers shall always accompany you !

Author: Betty O'Kay who says Another dedication to dear friends

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