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New England In Winter
It's snowin' and blowin' around my home
The wind is teasing my stately maple.
"Flurries?!" continue to mound around
glaring with an icy blue hue.
I was supposed to go into town this morning--
to pay some bills.

I've already put it off.
but it looks so uninviting out in the squall.
I'll have to get out my old wool hat
and find my warm winter gloves.
I hope I can locate the brush and scraper.

Today is Friday, if I don't go today
I'll have to wait until Monday.
Oh, how I dislike driving in this weather!
I have got to become more systematic
and learn not to procrastinate!

But first, I think I'll brew another pot of coffee
to keep me warm on my journey.
The oil man just crammed today's bill
between the drafty gaps
of my old weather-beaten storm door.

The temperature is dropping.
The roads must be treacherous.
Surely TDS and Central Maine Power
will understand.

I'll go first thing Monday morning.
After all, this is New England In Winter!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says we all know how this feels

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