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The Sublime Path

© Kevin P. Tremblay
Ryan took the path through the woods home after visiting his girlfriend Patti. The path went past the back side of Solid State Transformer Factory and then returned into the woods. It ended at Mulberry Street. The land behind the factory was polluted. The factory had been dumping chemical waste here for years. It was bare of any growth except for a few struggling quaking aspens sprouts and tenacious rebel weeds that dared grow from the contaminated earth.

It was near dusk this day when Ryan was called out. There was a scintillating light, a florescence that emanated from a distance away. It came from the other side of the bare discolored ground behind the factory. The chemical waste had burned the area, creating a brownfield. Ryan imagined this desolated spot would be a prefect spot for a science fiction movie staring the Reptilian alien gods living on the dark-side of the moon. The light was changing from sunlight to reflected light, as the sun dipped below the horizon.

There appeared little sparks coming from some of the plants during this transformation from daylight to moonbeams. The plants were changing from transpiring oxygen, to carbon dioxide. The sparks appeared at the periphery of his visual field. A wisp of wind flicked the leaves on the mature aspens in the forest beside this brownfield. A fluttering noise resulted. The noise sounded like a sweet small voice calling. It sounded like a woman's voice whispering to him.

The heavenly clock had slowed down and time lapsed. He experienced a slowness where each moment was drawn out and was longer than usual. There was a light coming from the brownfield. A lush and vibrant green plant nearly six feet tall was glowing in the middle of this desolation. The light from this plant seemed to pulsate.

The wispy voice spoke encouragingly to him to draw nearer the plant. The “Plant Teacher” called out. Come here! The words were understood rather than heard. The great weed had a single open trumpet-shaped flower, and was covered with unopened ones and spiny seed capsules. The open flower was a magnificent brilliant white color that lured him. The trumpet flower sounded and he felt overpowered and could not ignore its call.

Hypnotized by the light, by the whispering, and by an intoxicating scent coming from this flower, Ryan advanced to the plant. He was compelled to go to it. Mesmerized and controlled, Ryan walked to within a few feet of it, keeping his distance as if the plant were a person of great importance. His posture was respectful. He had approached bowing slightly as though to a master.

From a vortex he heard. You have been chosen. The Ascended Masters have watched you from birth. You are now equipped to enter into the Mystery School. Arcane Knowledge shall be imparted to you. Are you willing to enter and heed the call? He found he could answer the enchanting plant without using words. He wanted to get away, but there was no place to run to escape from the spirit world. He wanted to say no, but felt at the same time that destiny ought not to be pushed aside.


Then come closer and look into my trumpet. He leaned into the flower and with each breath he took he became more and more intoxicated. He became completely stupefied, entirely receptive, prepared to learn. He fell onto his knees with his head touching the outer leaves of this sacred Plant Teacher.

You shall not abuse this knowledge and power or you shall be abused. Henceforth there will be no distinction between your thoughts and the Masters of the Unseen Mystery School. Your path will be guided. Human minds will be opened to you. Their dark secrets will be laid bare before you. Do not interfere in their lives without our guidance.

Ryan understood that his life had been taken over, and he was changed. This was an awesome capability to gain. If he knew what others' thoughts were, and had a connection to higher knowledge; could he refrain from misusing the power for personal gain? He was only sixteen.

When you awaken, do not be afraid. You will be able to see in the dark and know what is ahead. Be kind to all creatures and you path will unfold, leading you always in the correct way. There are other initiates belonging to the school. They will be your companions. You are now a member of the celestial army. We war with factions of darkness by bringing the light. Truth is your strongest weapon.

Ryan wanted to run. This had to be a dream. He would finally awaken in his bed and this would be a nightmare.

What am I to do?

Walk ahead into your unfolding life in love. Truth will protect you. Love will fulfill and guide you.

As he came to, finding himself beside this rank smelling but beautiful weed, he felt lost and dazed. What was he doing here? He had to get home. Ryan had promised his parents to be home before it was very late. When he got up and walked ahead, the darkness of evening enveloped him, yet he could see each step ahead. All the twigs and rocks that were in the path in front of him were visible. A rat ran along the path and into the woods. He spotted a ring that someone apparently had lost along the trail among an expanding colony of wild strawberry plants. It was a gold ring inset with a red stone.

Even in the blackness of the night he could have run down the path. He could see everything. He finally came to Mulberry Street. Off in the distance he could see Mr. and Mrs. Jones walking their German Shepard in the unlit section of the road. He could hear them think. They were worried about their teenage daughter Martha. They worried about her safety. This was none of his business, he realized; Martha was a friend from school. He headed home trying to ignore their thoughts.

When he stepped in the kitchen door he could hear the television and could feel his dad's anger about an incident at work. His mom was deep in thought about her sister Mary and her pending split-up with Uncle Bob.

“Ryan, is that you?”

“Yes. Hi, Mom and Dad.” Dad wanted to have a man-to-man talk with him he knew.

“Ryan we need to talk.”

“OK Dad, what do you want to talk about?” He asked in order to be polite.

“Let go the den and leave your mom to watch TV without our interrupting her.” As they walked along his dad thought about the perennial discussion about sex, but it was more about finding out what Ryan intended to do after he graduated from high school this coming year. They got to the den and both sat down in the easy chairs facing each other.

“Your mom and I have been talking, and it is time for you to start making plans for your future. Are you all set about sex?”

“Yes dad.”

“Well how serious are you and Patti?” He was really asking if they were having sex.

“We are not that serious dad. I like her a lot, but we have no plans.”

Ryan began to understand that he could hurt whomever he was talking to, because he could see their secret hearts. His dad was consumed with fear of Ryan leaving home, because he did not want to live alone with his mom. His dad did not like his mom in some ways, which Ryan had never known until now. But the warning not to interfere rang in his ear. The best answer to give his dad was that he did not know for sure what he was going to do.

“Dad I have another year to decide.” His dad relaxed a bit.

“Son you're a man now. I know that we can depend on you to make the right decisions.” Ryan saw his dad thinking about the time he was arrested with some friends for underage drinking.

“Dad I'm not going to get in any trouble.” His dad looked shocked.

“I didn't say I thought you were going to get in any trouble.” Ryan now had to back-pedal as his dad obviously felt Ryan was reacting to his thoughts, and not his words. Ryan could see this thought clearly in his dad's mind.

“What I mean is I want to make good decisions and will be talking with my guidance councilor at school about what my options are.”

“You're a good boy Ryan. Your mom and I love you very much.” His dad talked about his job at the factory and how being a member of management he received a lot of perks. He said it was not the highest paying job around but they were able to live a comfortable life on his salary. His dad reminded Ryan that his door was always open to him, and if anything should come up he would be there for him. Ryan knew enough not to say anything about his experience. His parents were not very spiritual and they might think he was having a break with reality or doing drugs. They said goodnight.

Ryan went to his room and closed the door. He knelt by his bed and dropped his head onto the mattress. He could feel the presence and emotions of his neighbors from all over the neighborhood. He could feel the emotions of the couple that were fighting up the street, and their anger, and other couples making love, and the neighbors watching TV, and his parents' thoughts too. He had to filter out other people's thoughts. Be not afraid. These words filled him. Many are called, but few are chosen. Ryan had no idea what this would all mean or led to. He pulled the ring out of his pocket. The stone in it seemed to be a ruby of great brilliance and beauty.

He could hear Patti talking on the phone. She was talking with Bobby Winston from school. They were flirting. Bobby was asking her for a date. Ryan began to feel bad. How could he tell Patti he knew, when there was no way for him to know? Apparently this was going to happen from now on; maybe for the rest of his life. He would know but could not say he did. He had thought about giving the ring to Patti as a token of his affection for her when he found it. But now he would keep it as a reminder of the love he would not have.

How would it be possible to have a normal relationship with any girl when her inner thoughts were always known to him? He wanted to cry and run away. But how can a man run away from his life? He was not crazy and did not feel suicidal, but confused. The impact of his experience of being called out was beginning to sink in. He could now see in the dark, know peoples' thoughts and he heard voices. Was he actually going insane? Fear not. We are with you. Your destiny is in our hands.

He undressed and climbed into bed. Slept engulfed him immediately. A kaleidoscopic dream took him on a fantastic journey. He felt as if he was flying, and finally ended up in front of a cave in South American where a shamanistic ritual was taking place. A primitive tribe of tribal men danced around a fire chanting, and singing a deep melodious song. They were calling to the spirit world. They were calling out to the tribe's familiar spirits.

Ryan was only an observer. They did not see or feel his presence. It began to become clear to him that these natives danced not in joy or celebration but were being controlled. They could not stop dancing. It was not they who called on the demons, but the demons that called to them. Their dance was a hypnotic feast where demons entered and controlled the men's souls. Ryan felt he was being warned.

In the center of the fire appeared an image of the Plant Teacher. The plant image vibrated atop the fire with the tongues of fire lapping at its roots. The leaves fluttered and the trumpet flower sounded. Bow down. All the tribal men obeyed. The men prayed to the plant and began a sacrificial ritual. Terrible acts were committed as homage to the plant image. Ryan wanted to stop them from killing the young girl. He could only view the scene and had no influence in this place.

Ryan realized that he was being warned. The Plant Teacher and Ascended Masters did not impart magic powers without a cost to the soul receiving them. He had been initialed into an occult Mystery School but had not chosen it of his free will. That much he knew. Did this obligate him to these spiritual entities; these demons? There was no one in his everyday life he could talk about any of this. The mention of these events or experiences could land him at Dr. Dragonia's office for psychiatric sessions, drug treatments and possibly even electroshock therapy.

He was confounded. He could read peoples' minds; he could see in the dark and apparently remotely view events at will. As the girl was being sacrificed in the fire of the demon's lusts, he could feel her pain as she was crying out while dying. Ryan began to realize that being an initiate did not obligate him to these evil entities. This occult realm did not entirely belong to demons. Because the demons freely provided entrance into the occult knowledge that led the individual to have their occult eyes opened, the demons might lead initiates to believe that all these powers belonged to them.

There was no turning back. One can not undo understanding, without turning ones back on reality. It was a sure sign of insanity to refuse to accept reality. How would Ryan be saved from a life of servitude to demons? He had this occult knowledge and power, and yet he did not have to accept it on these demonic terms. He had signed no contract and did not make any promises. He had being tricked.

He found himself back in his bed and body again. The night passed without resolution. The next morning he acted the same way as he did every other morning. He showered, ate the breakfast his mother prepared, and went to school. At school he saw Patti, she said hello but that was all. She wanted to avoid him because of her agreeing to date someone else. He knew this and did not press her.

His mind was crowded with the thoughts and feelings of all his friends and teachers. He had promised his dad to see the guidance councilor about what his future plans would be. Mr. Peters was available to see him during Ryan's study hall period.

“Mr. Peters I'm confused about what to do when I graduate.”

“Ryan, your grades are good. You should be able to get into most colleges. Do you have any idea what you would like to major in?”

“I'm been wondering about the supernatural.”

Ryan could hear Mr. Peters thinking. He was not comfortable with the subject. “That's interesting, Ryan. But what do you mean?”

Ryan realized that he needed to be careful because Mr. Peters was a mandated reporter and would contact the authorities if he felt that Ryan was becoming mentally unbalanced. “Well, there is so much we don't understand about the human mind. I'm interested in that.”

Ryan could feel Mr. Peters relax. Many of Peters' students had become interested in witchcraft and the occult New Age, but that did not really concern him; it was students who were interested in these things without belonging to any group that he took note of. These individuals were to be reported as potential loose cannons.

“There are a number of good schools that offer programs in psychology. On the bookshelf behind you are pamphlets from these schools. Take a look at them and if you would like to apply to any of the schools I can certainly write a letter of recommendation for you. You may even be able to obtain a scholarship to defray some of the cost.”

Ryan pulled out the catalogs and pamphlets in the section headed “Psychology” and began to browse through them. One had a picture of Jesus Christ on the cover. He opened it up. “The College of Divine Light only accepts 250 students per year. The candidate must have a grade point average of 3.6 …. Candidates who have experienced a spiritual awakening will be given special consideration.”

“Mr. Peters what do you know about the College of Divine Light?”

“They do not offer degrees in psychology, Ryan. They teach theology and metaphysics. That is not for regular students. Only one student has applied from this school and was not accepted.”

“Oh, why was that?”

“Well, I'm not sure about all of the details. They had met the scholastic requirements. But the college requires an essay about the reason for applying, and apparently his essay did not fit their criteria.”

“Can I borrow this catalog?”

“Sure, Ryan, but you might want to look at more traditional schools. The College of Divine Light does not offer any mainstream degrees. There is very little work for a Metaphysician.”

For the rest of the day Ryan felt distanced from everyone. He had felt aloof since yesterday. He unfortunately knew the mundane thoughts of his peers. He could feel their lusts for drugs, sex and rock and roll. He had become bored by these common desires. Ryan longed for deeper spiritual experiences. He longed to experience God.

He reviewed the requirements more carefully for the school. “Applicants must submit a 1,200 word essay that is double-spaced on any subject that deals spiritual matters. The essay should be of a personal experience and should be written from the candidate's heart.”

That evening he asked to talk with his dad. “Dad, I would like to apply to the College of Divine Light.”

“What? What kind of school is that?”

“It's like a seminary.”

“That is ridiculous. We did not raise you to believe in fairy tales. What has gotten into your head?”

“Dad, please listen. I would like to study about the spiritual world.”

“Listen Ryan, your mom and I will support whatever you decide, but this is a complete waste of your time and talent. You shouldn't waste your time on notions of religion. Fortunately our society is moving away from such nonsense. The truth is that religion is seen by the common people as fact, by the wise as false, and to leaders as useful. I thought you understood that truth.”

“I really want to go to this school.”

“Well, don't expect us to pay a cent for your wondering off into never-never land. We will help you with college if you choose a proper school and learn a trade or pick a profession that will help you to have a better life. Not something that leads you away from clear-thinking and into make-believe.”

“OK Dad.” Ryan felt at that moment that he would get accepted to the College of Divine Light and would receive a scholarship. He not only gained ESP, but could clearly see the future in some areas. This little bit he already knew, that he did not have to answer to any Spirit Guides. His choice to follow Jesus was growing in his heart. He was deciding to live a moral Christian life of love.

He began his essay.

“Last night I felt called out and now need direction in my life. …."

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