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A Farmville Poem
Hi Old Friend,

I know itís been a while since I've been in touch

But I've been busy and done so much.

I moved back home to help my folks

On their big farm and thatís no joke!

Life out here is relaxed and calm

And for my soul itís been a good balm.

Each day I work in the yard and the field

And tend each animal to see its yield.

Wild turkeys are living in my maple grove

And I still drive the tractors my daddy drove.

The folks passed on Ďbout a year ago

I buried them here on the farm ya know.

I laid them under a cherry tree

It was their favorite fruit you see.

I have cows and pigs and goats and sheep

And swans and ducks and hay in a heap.

I have horses to ride and hens that lay

And an owl that hangs out if he doesn't fly away.

I have an orchard of fruit trees and some maple trees for sap

And my crops are big and bountiful with hardly ever a gap.

The kids are nearly grown now; the maid will soon retire.

This mansion is too big for me; itís a log cabin I desire.

Some day I will build one and tear the big house down.

The neighbors will come help me; they'll come from miles arouní.

You really should come visit; I've a cottage where you can stay

Thereís firewood to keep you warm and if that donít do, thereís hay!

Yes old friend, I love it here and always will

In this magical place called Farmville!

Sandy Holt Snide

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