The Daily Me

In Our Garage
By Tony Shaw

We Have - -

A Boiler and a Kettle lid .

Some Plates that Nancy broke and Hid ;

A Chopping-Block, a Knuckle Bone ,

A Phonograph that doesn't Phone ;

Some Lingerie that Lingered Long ,

A Mattress with the Mat all gone ;

A Bustle out of Grandmas trunk ,

A Rat-Trap and some other junk ,

A Demi John of Faint Bouquet ,

(Sweet hundred Proof of Yesterday) ;

The Sticks and Tail of Johnie's Kite ,

A table Lamp I droped one Night ;

Tomato Cans of Auld Lang Syne ,

A Hunired Feet of Washing Line ;

One Pair of Pants (Demobilized) ,

One Garden Hose (Deruberized) ;

Gas Fittings from a Former Age ,

One Rocker , One Canary Cage ;

A Niblick and a Baseball Hat ,

A Bedstand and a Brocken Slat ;

The Box in which the Rabbit Died ,

The Bike that Mother used to Ride ;

Of many Things a Sundry Croup --

All but the Car -- Thats in the Shop .

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