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Feature 4 - Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Long Journey Home

Life can be an uphill journey,
its obstacles can be huge.
My grandma's journey is over,
her path lies flat and smooth.

Death, you see, is a part of life,
and our journey continues on.
Do your best, to be your best,
and we'll meet again in the great beyond.

Do not mourn the death of her body,
for sorrow is not in God's plans.
Rejoice instead for the peace she now knows,
For her spirit is in good hands.

She is reunited with my grandpa,
who was a carpenter by trade.
He went on before her,
to build their house within heaven's gates.

He built it with love, and painted it blue.
He knows that is what grandma would wish.
And the house that he built stands by a stream,
so grandpa can sit on the porch to fish.

I can remember back to my childhood,
sitting on my grandma's lap.
She would stroke my face and sing softly,
before laying me down for my nap.

The peace I felt then, I wish for her now,
feeling loved, and safe from harm.
God, take her in your arms and sing softly,
her journey has been hard, and long.

Rest in peace - Eva Mae Bryan - grandma!

by: Ronald H. Bryan

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