The Daily Me
Feature 7 - June 23, 1999

The Tree
By: Dave Burdin

Oh majestic Tree
how God must love thee
Large of girth and tall in stature

First traveled man alone
when you started from a cone.
Destined to be a great tree
growing near a brook named Jimmy.

Just a sapling Pine
when man first made a trail
from Cambridge to Dexter
Over hill and vale.

Man continued to travel by your side.
As the path became a road and grew more wide.
And still you were spared.
Were you ever fearful or scared?

Years went by and still you grew.
As man went through his struggles many and few.
What did you sense of us oh Pine
as lovers walked by with hands entwined

Rooted in earth and staying in place
what are your views of the human race.
As we continue to increase our pace
and speed by without leaving a trace.

Do you yearn for the slower times as some of us do?
When we walked by and said hello and then adieu.
When we stopped by and rested
by your side
did you feel some pride?

Many years have passed since you sprung from the cone.
You are in your prime so strong and so far from being prone.

Oh majestic Tree
How God must love thee.

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