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October 2005

It wasn't among the ruins, they found apon that hill.
It wasn't in the wind, that softly blew across the valley.
It wasn't the rifle, shells unspent, sounds forever muted.
Nor in the wallet, pictures inside, that told of loved
ones left behind.

No, it wasn't among any of these.

Its not in a bone, a tooth, nor even a boot.
Not even the dog tags that bore my name.
No, it wasn't among any items of physical being.

If it wasn't there, you ask,
Then where?
Well you see, my loved one.

It was there with you on your graduation day.
It was there the day my neice/nephew arrived
It was even there on your wedding day.
Its been there with you even during the sad times.
Its always been there.

It was with you the day they told you
We've been found and were coming home.
It was there holding your hand,
Helping you to stand tall and strong.
Even though you were not aware,
It was there.

For you see, its not a physical thing,
Its not something you can hold or even see
Its the emotional bond, one so strong
That even the war could not sever.

You see, its my spirit, my love
Its in your heart, your mind, your soul.
I've always been there with you....all the time.
Hearts joined....spirits united.....never to be alone!!!!

This poem was written in honor of a MIA who was one of the MIA's recently brought home from Viet Nam after 37 yrs.
For more about this MIA visit:

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