The Daily Me
Feature 9 - December 06, 2000

Most Precious Entity
By: Carol Swanson

When we ponder all that has been laid upon our table,
Think of all which God has bestowed…
The most precious of these is NOT any of our belongings,
It's our lifelong friends and family.

Those who have been there - always by your side,
Those who've shared your laughter
And given you a shoulder when you've cried.

Those who take to heart your personal desires and needs,
Those who willingly help you with your daily deeds.

Those who relish in the joy of your success,
Those who console you when you feel depressed.

Those who support you and let you make your choice,
Those who stand behind you lending an encouraging voice.

Those who have you in their thoughts no matter how far you roam,
Those who in their presence bring you a sense of home.

Those relationships are the most precious, and over time we see,
No monetary value could replace dear friends and family.

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