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Maine Songwriters Produce New Veteran's Song
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Three Maine songwriters recently pooled their talents and this week, in time for Veteran's Day observances, co-wrote and recorded a special Patriotic Veteran's song entitled, "Stand Up Tall My Veteran".

Larry Bisbee, operator of the Countryfolk Music Theatre in East Dixfield, wrote the lyrics a year ago and recently connected with Ken Wentworth, a country singer from Bangor and arranger composer, Harry King of Winthrop, Maine and Texas. Bisbee said, "Both of these talented musicians are well known in the music industry, Ken as a singer who performed with Maine's own Dick Curless and King who has worked with many notable singers including Engelbert Humperdink among others.

Bisbee said, " this song is for all veterans of all wars and their families. For all those who have suffered the sacrifices of our military men and women"

We released the song, "Stand Up Tall My Veteran" this week in time for Veteran's Day. It's released on the Artists Carousel Records label owned by Wentworth and is free to download on the internet at

It has steadily been receiving airplay in Australia, New York, New Zealand, Tennessee and Texas.

In just the second day on the Worldwide Soundclick Internet charts it reached #24 and got 651 visits, plays and downloads.. "Needless to say we're very excited about the possibilities", Bisbee said...

They shipped the song to every military and veteran organization in the Uiited States and radio stations from Alaska to Florida as well as our European Allies.

"Yes, you're right, we've been busy", Bisbee commented... "We've already received letters from Vets and military bases thanking us for the song. It's a good feeling", he went on to say. You can hear it or download at Or check out our websites.
Larry Bisbee -
Ken Wentworth -

Words to "Stand Up Tall My Veteran" copyright 2004 Larry E. Bisbee BMI (all rights reserved) Larry 
Bisbee  Cowboy Poet and songwriter of East Dixfield Stand up tall my veteran,
Be proud of who you are
For you have braved the battle,
defending home and lands afar.....

Our freedom is forever now,
for every common man,
And all the women and children
across this blessed land.......

You never liked the killing,
the fields of blood-stained war
But you were military men and women,
fighting for our nation's cause....

War is not so glorious,
with life and death each day
You felt the pain and heartache,
a lifetime it has stayed..... Country 
singer Ken Wentworth of Bangor

Our veteran men and women
are still laying on the field
When life was on the line,
they would never yield......

In the heat of battle,
there's no time to set your sights
A moment of indecision,
may cause you or your friend's life...

You're living in the moment,
little time to do what's right
For your brothers and your sisters,
depend on you for life....

To all our friends and neighbors,
this is what I say,
"They gave life and sacrificed,
for you and me that day"

So, when you see the wall
or veterans gathered round,
praying on hands and knees
For those who gave it all for us to live so free.......

Kneel on down beside them,
touch a hand that you don't know
For their loved one fought for freedom
so our children all could grow....

To see our flag a'wavin',
cheer our marching bands
To be young men and women,
proud of this great land...

Yes, Stand Up Tall My Veteran
We too are proud,
Proud of who you are....

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