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by: Historian Author Fred L. Wintle

A Dexter native, who once again lives in the area, Fred enjoys putting pencil to paper as he reflects upon his surroundings and the history of the area.

I think that you will enjoy Fred L. Wintles "Looking Back" series, and as you read his work, you will probably reflect upon your own memories.

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Biography of Fred Wintle
Updated February 17, 2007
Fred Wintle was born on opening day of deer hunting season October 21, 1952. He arrived screaming his infant lungs out in the delivery room of Plummer Memorial Hospital in Dexter, Maine atop a prominent hill on High Street. (Some still wish he'd quit screaming.)

Fred attended local schools through his High School graduation in 1971 from Dexter Regional High School.

In 1993 he returned to Dexter to live for two years after a 20-year stint in the United States Air Force. Fred now lives in Garland Maine with his wife the former Joan Joly of Danielson, Connecticut. Fred has two children, Sarah and Ben. Ben lives in Austin Texas, while sister Sarah lives with husband Jeremy Viles; all are graduates of Nokomis High School in New Port.

Joan's children Lori, Todd, and Shea are all grown and spread across the world. Lori lives in Florida with Iraq Veteran husband Jim Gecoma, son Todd lives in Australia and second daughter Shea lives in California with Iraq vet Dale Tompkins.

Fred has enjoyed some success as a freelance writer and calls his short narratives his passion driven by his sense of the importance of family and hometown history that he feels needs to be captured for posterity. Fred's first published book can be found at

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