The Daily Me
Feature 17 - February 21, 2002

By: Sandy Snide
The springtime warmth is finally here
If only for a day or two.
It gives us a taste of what's to come,
Of what we can look forward to.

Ol' Man Winter has been cruel this year
With his icy breath so cold.
But as the warmth of Spring draws near,
Perhaps he won't be so bold.

Tiny rivers of gurgling water
Fill ditches big and small;
And water is running down the street
Calling out to one and all:

"Spring is coming! Spring is coming!"
Everyone hears its message clear.
They know Ol' Man Winter is going away
And Spring is nearly here.

People running 'round without jackets;
Folks clearing away softened ice;
The air is warm and welcomed;
Oh, yes, it smells so nice.

We know Winter is not done with us yet,
We must battle him a little bit longer.
But this little taste of Spring to come
Has made our spirits much stronger.

And we begin to dream...

About little frogs singing
And soft spring showers;
Of sailing toy boats,
And the scent of flowers;

Of lazy days spent fishing
At our favorite fishing hole;
Of little boys playing baseball
And little girls taking dolls for a stroll.

I'll be glad when Winter has left us
And Spring is here to take his place.
I long to feel Spring's sweet breath
Blow through my hair and across my face.

'Til then my dreams are with me
To get me through the winter chill;
Spring will be here very soon
To give us all a thrill.

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