The Daily Me
Feature 18 - April 9, 2002

What do I miss the most?
What do I miss the most, now that I am grown..Is it the innocence?
Though I wasted & and I squandered in my discontent..
Oh, the scavengers and users, how they came and went…
When I'm lonely to the bone, I miss my innocence.

The power to go on and the passion then….
All the bloody battles fought, I didn't often win..
When the next one hits me hard, can I compete again?
When I'm tired to the bone, I miss my passion then.

As I toss & turn at night, I miss the peaceful dreams
Panoramic, technicolor, the whole world my screen
Now they're only black and white, I don't know what this means
Body aching to the bone, I miss my peaceful dreams.

In the pale grey morning light, I miss the love inside.
Every day another useless, endless joyless ride
When this empty in the heart, there's no safe place to hide
My age seeping from the bone, I miss my love inside

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