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Feature 21 - October 31, 2002

Halloween Story by © Kevin P. Tremblay
Inserter Version 1.3 ®
Thought to You™
At last the marriage of a nano-technology and bacterium has been consummated. This wedlock provides an easy and painless vector for the solution to humanity's quest for ultimate communication. Inserter Version 1.3 (IV 1.3), allows an individual and the co-collective humanity an innate and instantaneous communication free of physical barriers, language and cultural differences.

The result is similar to how tree-roots-fuse underground and transmit messages through chemical agents, to each other, the greater plant colony and even the forest at large. The only difference is a network of satellites circling the earth overheard rather than a circuitry of roots beneath our feet.

Bill Gates and media mogul Ted Turner joined forces with Dr. Ian Rieheart who is with the BBC in the UK to develop the ultimate in thought transference. We are being connected with a "built-in" chemical agent. Inserter 1.3 and tincture of transpondene-roxy56 aggregate, insure the inner-placement of a new kind of chemical transmission via digital transfer is possible. This chemical transmission route is innate and organic, a part of who a person is thenceforth. The I that is the us. The cyberperson we have evolved to be.

Unified Governance (UG) set an International Priority under Biodiversity Objective 3.79 for the deployment of the latest version, IV 1.3. After clinical trials on family pets were completed and human safety insured, deployment is to commence. It will be as simple to deploy to every man, woman and child on the earth as a polio vaccine is to administer. All children born henceforth will be inoculated with understanding at birth.

The discovery, development and tweaking of this enhancement chemical cocktail and bacterium was a collaborate effort between many agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with Dr. Rieheart actually naming the Species Novum - the eventual live agent composite. Staphylococcus satanica is the recently named bacterium that will lead to a New World Order (NWO).

The many trials and UG's research teams throughout the world with the assistance of many NGOs, used this natural biological agent that was discovered in a small village outside of Hosja, Peru to bring this potentiality to life. Rieheart collected a live colony in situ and detected an interesting event a short time later in the laboratory leading to these many trials.

The colony continued to increase in number exponentially to the Malthusian climax of life. At the last moment before colony death from environmental exhaustion the overflow transferred across the glass test tube wall it was contained in. He had been holding the test tube of the creature mix at the time and noticed his hand began to appear to sweat and a near imperceptible change in the test tube's temperate was noted. The rest is history.

These bacterial agents are now our vectors and friends in this effort toward total understanding by direct, and directed, communications of all of humanity. A bacterium toward total utopian understanding that crosses all human barriers.

Albert Hoffmann's serendipitous discovery of LSD-25's effect on skin intake and transfer in 1943, combined with attenuated pet tag technology has lead to the application of an agent as low as bacteria for delivery of the mark of understanding, in the quickest and least painful way. This liquid "bioserium" is nearly imperceptible and certainly a better delivery system than subdermal biochip insertion beneath the skin were.

In the quest for worldwide communications a bacterium was discovered in a completely different field than the work with transponders being studied at the time. This ended up being a collection of individual chemicals and a low-life entity rather than a single device.

For millennia Illuminati searched the halls of learning and temples of prayer for mechanism, device and magic to have sovereignty on a spiritual level. IV 1.3 looks as if an answer has finally been found. The end of suffering will be a oneness with 'Mother Gaia' the new and improved godhead through good science. Your thoughts will be a universal concern, aloneness a thing of the past. "Your mind is our concern." Consciousness is a collaborative effort of godhead in the making.

Actual deployment and inoculations will begin soon. Realize without this presence in you, you will be ineffective to communicate at banks, shops or even at the supermarket. Do not be left behind in a world of archaic misunderstanding, strife and hate. Join the party of humanity in total harmony and tolerance. The first five million UG citizens will receive 500 trade credits upon inoculation.

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