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Autumn's Last Fling
Prancing and twirling
cloaked in crimson and gold,
amber eyes adore the sapphire sky.
With spirited steps she romps and bounds,
fluttering down, and then soaring high.

Only, the melody she hears is a bittersweet dance,
fierce winter winds shall abide their duty.
She will fulfill her sprightly pirouette,
to flaunt her brilliant beauty.

This final chance to dazzle mankind
with her choreography and color
will warm our hearts with splendor,
as we secure our winter shutters.

We will breathe the scent of her apple spice balm
her crisp, yet sweet cologne.
She may be fading from our view,
but her fragrance lingers on.

For now she will tumble silently to earth
naught to float airily once more.
Autumn will stay on the ground where she lay
still cloaked in the costume she wore.

Winter sings in "snowfull" boast
while bitter ice chimes echo his post.
But he can't compare
to the colorful flair,

Nor to the grandeur lost,
or the beauty she brings
by Autumn's last fling...
before the killing frost!

Author: Betty O'Kay who says I wrote this one as Autumn began its transition into Winter

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